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World Spice Plants
Johannes Seidemann
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This book addresses the need to disseminate scientific knowledge of the complex world of spice plants to a wide audience of interest. It considers the economic usage of spices in several forms, as an ingredient for adding flavor, as a pot herb and as an additive for condiments such as ketchup, and mustard. Designed as a work of reference, it offers an easy to use systematic listing of international nomenclature.

The book is aimed primarily at aroma experts in both science and industry, but also botanists, pharmacists, food chemists and dieticians will take inspiration from the book, which is also illustrated by around 100 full color photographs.

- Comprehensive listing of over 1400 plants
- Plant nomenclature from around the world
- Arranged alphabetically for ease of reference
- Exhaustive register of relevant literature for further reading

bibliografische Angaben: 2005. VIII, 592 p.93 in colour., Hardcover.
Verlag: Springer


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